It is our policy to provide and maintain good health and safety plans consistent with the best practices in the electrical & constructions industries as well as that of other authorities of the government. Commitment to work at sites for good health and safety plan will be firm and aggressive. It is the responsibility of all the managers and engineers and Team to ensure that the work is performed with the highest level of codes for site health and safety method to ensure this, for all personnel under their direction. All levels of supervisory personnel are responsible to ensure these procedures it is the responsibility of every employee to support and promote site health and safety plan in order to ensure a safe working environment and for successful completion of the projects with minimum risks.

We as power Lines Company Safety team believe that identifying and reducing risks will prevent all forms of accidental loss. And determined to achieve our vision of reducing the probability of illnesses and injuries to Company and site employees to making risk-based occupational safety and health management a core value that drives performance, To holding Site In charge and Team responsible and accountable for safety and health in all of our facilities & providing the practices, tools and resources with proper training and workshops. To achieve our occupational safety and health objectives.

Each person, must take individual responsibility for safety and health. It is the job of each person to create a work environment that eliminates safety and health hazards.
This is the only acceptable goal, and we are dedicated to achieving it through continuous improvement by maintaining good practice of Safety Health Management guidelines.