Detail of Activities

Project Quality Control

  • Project quality plan.
  • Project quality assurance procedures.
  • Project HSE plan.

Project Planning

  • Preparation of base line programmed (using Primavera Project Planner) as per contract milestone.
  • Project Monitoring & Controlling.
  • Site progress report charts in EXCEL

Route investigation drawings and reports

  • Preparation of cable route trial pits drawings.
  • Preparation of trial pits reports for underground services.
  • Reporting of soil samples thermal resistivity values.

Material Investigation

  • Thermal backfill material mix design preparation as per required Thermal Resistivity values.
  • Existing soils Thermal resistivity values investigation.
  • Maximum dry density Testing/ calculation for back fill material.

Cable route design drawings

  • Preparation of cable route bonding schematic diagram.
  • Preparation of Earthing Typical Joint Bays arrangement drawings.
  • Preparation of Typical Joint Bays Earthing arrangement drawing.
  • Preparation of cable route joint bays and road crossings location drawings.
  • Preparation of detailed cable route drawings based on trial pits reports.
  • Preparation of route profile drawings as per existing and route area planned future levels.
  • Preparation of AS BUILT drawings after completion of site activities.
  • Preparation of cable route marker location drawings.

Road Crossings/ pipe lines crossings Drawings

  • Preparation of cable route trial pits drawings.
  • Preparation of trial pits reports for underground services.
  • Reporting of soil samples thermal resistivity values.

Concrete structure Design

  • Joint bays concrete structure design calculation
  • Preparation of joint bays structural details drawing
  • Link Box Pit concrete structure design calculation.
  • Preparation of Link Box Pit structural details drawing
  • Fiber Optic Cable splice pit structure design calculation.
  • Preparation of Fiber Optic Cable splice pit structural details drawing
  • PD sensor pit (in case separate pit) structure design calculation.
  • Preparation of PD sensor pit structural details drawing

Cable support structures design Inside substation

  • Cable supports structure design calculation inside substation.
  • Preparation of Cable supports structure details drawings
  • Preparation of Fiber Optic Cable and DTS cable routing details drawings inside substations.
  • Preparation of cable terminations Tags and identification marks drawings inside substation
  • Power cables substation entry location ducts design/ drawings preparation.
  • Preparation of core hole/ slot opening drawings for cable entry into existing substation basement.

Cut I Fill estimation & Design

  • Estimation of Cut & Earth Fill quantities as per approved route profile drawings.
  • Drawings preparation for bund construction.

AC Mitigation Studies

  • Preparation of AC Mitigation studies at Petroleum/ gas pipe line crossings location
  • Design/ drawing preparations of Cathodic Protection/ Earthing system based on AC Mitigation study.

Uplift Pressure Calculation

  • Uplift pressure calculation on 220KV power cables under submerged conditions at shallow ground water table loca tions.
  • Design of Duct Banks for power cable crossings under pipe lines to eliminate the possibility of any damage to pipe lines due to uplift pressure.

Electrical Works & Pre-Commissioning Testing of Completed Jobs

  • EHV & HV Cable jointing and terminations.
  • All electrical testing as per KM requirement.
  • Resonant Frequency AC testing at site along with all arrangements of test chambers
  • Partial Discharge Measurement at installed cable accessories.
  • Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Cable & System installation and testing.
  • FO cable installation in pipe by air blowing method and direct burial.
  • FO cable fusion splicing.
  • FO cable testing & commissioning using OTDR and power meter light source method.
  • Communication (Metallic) cables, installation; jointing termination and testing.