PLC complies by all legal requirements and considers potential local and international legislation, where they apply related to the scope of the work.

PLC has designed the operational processes within the organization to bring about highest level of organizational excellence as well as the consistency in its products and services.

PLC aspires to exceed customer expectation with its strict compliance to the contractual obligations regarding all deliverables.

PLC believes in the continual improvement, which is achieved by continually improving the business operation by thorough investigating and eliminating the root cause of the problems.

PLC follows the approach of risk based thinking to plan the business operations and to pursue opportunities.

Employees at PLC are considered its prime assets and their safety naturally comes first. PLC believes in the professional growth of its employees and provide work related training to serve the purpose.

Being part of an industry that works to save environment, PLC follows the practices that safeguard the environment.

PLC follows all the requirements of the International Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015.