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List Of Projects

ClientTitle and Description of Work
Almabani General Contractors Co.Extension of Road works in Riyadh, And Installation of 132KV, 1C, 1200 mm2 CU, XLPE Cable"
Almabani General Contractors Co.Road and Asphalting works in Riyadh at varoius locations.
SHIBH AL-JAZIRA CONTRACTING CO.Relocation of 132kv cables Circuits works.
"Trading & Development Partnership Co.Extension of Roads in Riyadh and Installation of 1332/ 33kv Cable circuits works.
Trading & Development Partnership CoExcavating and Shifting soil and backfilling work for 1.5M x 1.5M trenching works.
Trading & Development Partnership Co. Supply and 132kv Joints & Terminations works at Princes Nora University. Riyadh.
Capital Lights Co. Supply of 132KV Joints and installation works.
Capital Lights Co. Supply & installation XLPE,132 KV cable Circuits.
SHIBH Al Jazira Contracting Co. Supply of 13.8kv Cables and RMU, Transformers
YUKSEL INSAAT SAUDI CO.LTD Supply & installation XLPE,1200mm2 132 KV cable Circuits
Al Rashid Trading & Contracting Relocations & Re-Routing of 132KV cables.
SHIBH Al Jazira Contracting Co.Relocations and the deportation of 132KV & 33 kv cables Circuits
SSCL CO. LTDSupply of 33/13.8kv Cables and RMU , 1000KVA Transformers
Capital Lights Co. Installation works for 33/132kv Projects works.
Al Ansab Contracting Supply of 33/13.8kv Cables and Panels Boards
Private Villa's Supply & Installation On Grid Solar System 50 KW
RR Concultancy Supply & Installation On Grid Solar System 12 KW